New Things at Fillydelphia Radio

Hi Everypony! Ditzy here with some very important FR announcements! Sorry for the length of this post, but I figured one MAJOR update was better than a bunch of tiny ones. Without further ado, let’s get down to business (to defeat the huns):       Changes in management – alright, so for those of you that pay […]

April Fools!

We’re not shutting down! Did we get you? Leave a comment!


It is with great regret that we inform we are shutting down. We have been running into issues with everything, and would rather sell the personal information we have scraped to fund a holiday to Barbados. Therefore, this is the LAST 6 HOURS OF FILLYDELPHIA RADIO!

The FillyCast – Podcast Now Available!

After a lot of procrastinating, issues and general laziness on my behalf, the FillyCast is now up as a podcast. We’re still adding the episodes (they all need to be normalized, tagged and uploaded on my crappy internet) but we’ll eventually have the 4th season archive up and ready for you guys to listen to… […]

It’s finally done

Our new website design is done. That god-awful old one is dead, and finally I can move on to adding back the old functionality you have been waiting for so long. There may be a short time before we get some stuff up, I just needed that old, horrible site gone as soon as I […]

We haven’t done anything recently

But at least we’ll have a nicer website soon.

Play Uno in the IRC Chat!

Now you can all play Uno in our IRC chat. To access our chat, click the button “Chat” from the navigation on the left, and it will appear from the right. Type !uno-start to start a game or !uno to join in a game. All the commands are here: Rules are here:  

Soulless Afternoons 2 Announced – Iapetus

Not sure how it’s pronounced, but Iapetus will be the new album to come from the ambient compilation series Soulless Afternoons. Announced yesterday on the popular Brony musician forums MyLittleRemix on this post, the team is looking for music a lot further from home: The concept we’re going for in the album is to get a psychedelic space-like […]

Social Integration is Back!

Fillydelphia Radio’s website now allows you to connect with Facebook and Twitter. Posts from Fillydelphia Radio’s website will be posted on Twitter and Facebook, allowing users to comment on those social platforms. Their comments will also be posted on our website too! Now you’ll never miss any of the action here at Fillydelphia Radio!

Delphia Request System v3.0 – Under Construction

Our old request system had some gaping flaws that we couldn’t really fix easily. The first being the lmitations of the old Radiobot system, which didn’t have much metadata available. After some consultation with the development team at ShoutIRC, we were able to get the much-needed adjustments to the system finalized, allowing us to scan […]