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Welcome to Fillydelphia Radio!

Welcome to the Fillydelphia Radio website.
Here, you can find out what's playing, who's DJing, server status and access other goodies, like our IRC chat and Derpy Request System!

This website is under construction until our new site is ready to be launched.

You can join the chat using the Chat link above.


(07/06/2012 9:46AM EST)
I quickly knocked up a new temporary website for Fillydelphia Radio so that we can get a feel for our new hosting.

There will be another major update to the website soon. Norfreakz is hard at work on that project.

In the meantime, enjoy the new temporary site! If you encounter any bugs, report them to me ASAP so I can rectify them.


Listen Now!

MP3 128kbs Stream (250 Slots)

MP3 Stream

AAC+ 64kbs Stream (1000 slots)

AAC Status

MP3 128kbs

AAC+ 64kbs

Why are there 2 streams?
Fillydelphia Radio  currently broadcasts in two different formats, AAC+ and MP3. You should select depending on your speed.

AAC+ is better for mobile phones on 3G, or for those who have low bandwidth/slow internet issues. Our AAC+ stream uses about 5KB/s, or  20MB an hour. AAC+ does require certain decoders to be installed on your PC. If you are using a PC, use VLC or Winamp. It has the same quality as the MP3 stream.

MP3 is better for fast connections or users who simply want to press play and listen. It, however, uses more data, about 16KB/s or 50MB an hour.
[8:00:56 PM] HMage: hah, no

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