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Fillydelphia Radio Staff

WestJ is the owner and administrator of Fillydelphia Radio. The station he started was a small project, but has grown quickly. WestJ regularly DJs during the morning hours of US (12AM - 12PM Pacific).

N3XU5 is the co-founder and also is an administrator here at Fillydelphia Radio. You can catch him in the IRC often, and is available if you ever need help. N3XU5 helps to maintain the servers, train new DJs, and to clean up after Derpy's tantrums.

Ditzy-Doo (aka Sonata) is the only female DJ on Fillydelphia Radio. Also, she has a playlist inherited from Otakon, attitude and kicks Mulberry's ass. Frequently...
Nexus's brother and alarm clock. Also, he is a channel moderator and funny guy.

Ha ha...

CynicalMuse started DJing around the end of December. He often DJs when he can, and has been an active participant in all Fillydelphia Radio administration. Cynical also helps to run Derpy.

Sujamma is your extremely early morning DJ, and will take requests while you burn the midnight oil.

He also frequents the TeamSpeak... A lot...

Invader started DJing last summer and joined us in late march. He is the only Swedish viking on the radio and takes care of the mayo, mead and the raids.
Cra2yPony is our resident bot expert, skinny guy, and IRC expert.

He literally spends 90% of his time tuning his high-tech Octavia bot. If you see this bot, run.

DJ-Otakon joined in late February, and has a queue that could probably last until the world ended.
He's also handy with linux, and running servers in general.
Mulberry Metal
Mulberry Metal is the crudest, rudest and most confronting host on the staff panel.
Which is why we gave him his own show, the Fillycast.

Which wasn't a good idea in hindsight...
HockeyPony is our resident moderator and TeamSpeak police.

He likes to moon ponies...
Misha helps to run the mobile stream, as well as being a helping server techie.
Misha has also kindly donated his laptop to our station.
[8:00:56 PM] HMage: hah, no

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