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Fillydelphia Radio FAQ
How do I tune in?
Use one of the icons on our front page, or click the "New Lite Stream" button if your internet is slow. Alternatively, you can use the flash player by clicking the "Play Now" button at the top of the website.

Its not working!
Try reconnecting to the stream. If that fails, use the Flash Player, or the Lite Stream. If all else fails, look in the chat. You will know if a server goes down if the "Online" icons from the Home page go missing or say "Offline". Usually, an admin will be on hoof to fix things.

How do I become a DJ?
We aren't currently taking applications for DJs.

How do I listen on my mobile?

You can either:
Download TuneIn Radio and search "Fillydelphia Radio" (works best for all platforms)
Download a SHOUTcast-enabled media player app, and search for "Fillydelphia Radio" in the SHOUTcast index (Works for all platforms, including WiiMC)

How can I request a song?

Go to the top of the website, and click "Derpy Request System". Typing !request <songname> in chat also works if a live DJ is on.

How do I get my music on the station?

We currently have a SoundCloud Dropbox that you can upload your tracks to!
Also, please note by submitting music to us, you agree to the terms of which by Fillydelphia Radio has the right to play any music you have created unless you explicitly tell us not to play it.

How can I get an ad for my project/product on Fillydelphia Radio?
If you simply want a banner ad pointing to your website, contact us, and we will arrange to have one put on our website, in exchange for a banner ad on your project's webpage pointing to Fillydelphia Radio. If you wish to have an audio ad put on our stream advertising your product/project, please contact WestJ via email ([email protected]) to negotiate pricing. Advertisements will normally be charged at $3.00USD a week for a 30 second ad, $2.00USD if you put our banner ad on your website linking to us.. All ads will be moderated before being approved. Ads will not be approved if excessively loud or contain inappropriate material.

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